The 11 stages we've all gone through waiting for the election results

New Zealand has waited almost a month for Winston Peters, Bill English and Jacinda Ardern to tell us what is going on with the election.

New Zealand is waiting with baited breath to find out the results of the election. Or at least we are meant to be. Everyone's a bit bored now really.
We understand that this is an important and necessarily top secret issue, but come on, Jacinda Ardern, we thought you were putting us out of our misery with that wink, and Bill English you seemed a little cranky on telly the other night, we really thought we might have a government by now.
Honestly though, at this stage we are more concerned with Married At First Sight than who Winston Peters picks. Well, not really - but we are super salty about the whole deal at this stage...
To illustrate our frustration/boredom and general done-ness, we have outlined all of the stages we have gone through in the last month.
Otherwise, think of it as the 11 stages of waiting for someone to text back which is how this feels. Hint. Hint.