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Women aren't equal say climate change campaigners

This International Women's Day, there's one woman who shouldn't be forgotten - Mother Earth.

18-year-old climate change activist Gwyneth Parallag has voiced a video timed around International Women's Day celebrations, calling for more attention to be paid to the planet.
Parallag, who has recently made headlines as the organiser of the Auckland School Strike 4 Climate Protest which is taking place this Friday in Auckland's Aotea square and in more than 20 towns and cities around the country, says now is the time to take action, even if it means being controversial in doing it.
"If we don't take care of her (Mother Earth) first, every bit of painstaking work we've put into gender equality, and all of hard earned progress we've already made will amount to nothing," she says in the voice over.
The video was put together by Kiwi sustainable brand ecostore to remind Kiwis of the importance of caring for the planet.
"In a world where nearly every product and service has become a commodity, consumers now differentiate between things based on what they believe in," says ecostore managing director, Pablo Kraus. "As a company we're hugely inspired by the next generation and their commitment to the planet,"
"We want to empower people to save the planet and inspire them to make a change. We all know it is time to step up and International Women's Day is the perfect reminder that we're just getting started and Mother Earth needs our help and attention today."
Parallag says that now is the time to take action: "There comes a time that being controversial is needed in order to get the grown-ups to stop, listen and take us seriously.
"Having ecostore come out with this video on International Women's Day is significant. I hope that people of all ages realise the time is now to make a change. We need to do this together, because together we can make a safer world."