Wedding of the week: Rimu and Melissa Anderson

This couple traded in their gumboots and overalls for their special day.

On November 11, 2017, exactly nine years on from the day they met, Melissa and Rimu Anderson tied the knot at the Surf and Sand on Ohope Beach.
Photography by Bianca Owen @biancarebeccaowen
After just over five years together the couple were at Cook's beach for New Year's Day when Rimu popped the question.
"Rimu asked me whether I wanted to go for a walk down to the beach and my reply was, 'no I'm ok for now, I would rather just stay here'," Melissa laughs.
Melissa and Rimu were married nine years to the day since they met.
After some pleading, Rimu managed to convince her to go and when they got there, he proposed with a ring-shaped shell, saying "You know I really like you..."
Recalls Melissa, "It was very unexpected and romantic and I was absolutely blown away."
With their two-year-old son Cohen beside them, as well as their closest friends and family the couple exchanged vows in a boho-themed wedding.
Although the weather was overcast and blew a gale, the couple were unfazed and say it gave their photos a touch of "moody romantic drama".
Melissa and Rimu's son Cohen.
The couple, who work as dairy farmers in Waiotahe, worked hard to save for their dream wedding day.
Melissa says it was "a great feeling getting dolled up, and leaving our gumboots and overalls behind".

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