Wedding of the week: Liesel and Hayden Kerr

The marquees broke just days before the wedding, but you would never have known it on the day.

After a two and a half year engagement Masterton couple Liesel and Hayden Kerr tied the knot on February 3 in Hayden's mum's garden.
While the day itself went without a hitch there was no shortage of catastrophes in the week leading up to it.
Liesel explains, "We had to set up all our marquees in 30 degree heat and cyclone winds. Two days before the special day four marquees broke and our main one broke and ripped."
It was a race to get them repaired in time, but they managed with the help of family and friends
The happy couple's family and friends were a huge help to them in preparing for their big day. Photography Lisa Wyeth.
The couple did all of the catering themselves and the decorations were "mostly handmade with friends and family helping put it together".
Liesel, who refers to her new husband as "the man of my dreams" says, "I can now say I have married the father to our beautiful son Mason. It was the most amazing day of our lives, it couldn't of been any more perfect."

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