Wedding invitation asks breastfeeding mums to feed babies in toilet

We have two words - ew and insensitive.

A wedding invitation has gone viral on social media for all the wrong reasons - it asks that breastfeeding mums feed their babies out of sight of the other guests - in the women's toilets.
The mum who received the invitation posted it on social media along with a cry for help, and it has now been shared thousands of times on Facebook.
In her Facebook post the outraged mum says:
The invitation was posted on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page, above, on September 19th and has since been met with support and outrage by over 600 commenters.
In an update on the post, it was revealed that the woman ended up leaving both kids with her friend and grandparent.
"This particular invitation isn't about a night off. We all need one. This is about being asked to feed the baby in the same place where people poop. That is never ok," said Shannon Brame-Collier, a Mum from New York.
"Like honestly if I couldn't bring my kids and breastfeed. my husband wouldn't be a part of the wedding. It's okay for people to get drunk and act dumb, but it's not okay to breastfeed," said another mother from Ohio.
We're with the breastfeeding mum and her supporters on this one. A toilet is no place to feed a baby. What an ignorant request to make.