How to find the perfect piece of jewellery to symbolise your love for your partner

A guide to gifting the person you adore most in the world the perfect piece of jewellery to symbolise your love and connection.

By Now To Love and Michael Hill
Finding true love is finding that one person you cannot be without - that person who knows you better than you know yourself, and who accepts you unconditionally for who you are.
Every couple has their own love story, as well as a special piece of jewellery that serves as a sparkling reminder of their love for one another...

Ready to propose

These classic diamond rings exclusive to the Sir Michael Hill Designer Bridal collection are perfect for a proposal, just like Trent gave Simone when he proposed with a glittering Michael Hill Southern Star 2ct bespoke diamond and gold ring.
Trent and Simone
Trent Forsyth proposed to his fiance, social media influencer Simone Anderson, over the summer holidays.
The couple met on a dating app three years ago, with Simone saying she had finally found someone who accepted her for who she was.

Falling in love

Olya and Gustavo
Gustavo Campana knew he'd found someone special in Olya Taburina and made sure she knew it by giving her a beautiful pendant and earrings set on their second anniversary. He even created a scavenger hunt with clues about important dates in their relationship for Olya to find her gift.

Standing the test of time

Jewellery symbolises everlasting connections and these Infinitas pieces say 'proof that you are always with them, and they with you', just as Janine and Mike have been for 25 years.
Janine and Mike
Mike and Janine Bourke met on a bus tour in Europe 25 years ago and tied the knot after a whirlwind three months of dating.
They're still head over heels in love, and Janine adores the diamond and emerald wedding ring that Mike gave to her all those years ago.
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