Matilda Rice reveals new details about her 'epic' wedding day including a very special detail about 'baby Green'

She even owns up to her "Bridezilla" moment!

Matilda Green (nee Rice) has revealed new details about her and husband Art Green's 'epic' wedding day, including her "Bridezilla" moment and the item they kept from their big day to celebrate the arrival of their first baby.
Matilda is pregnant with the couple's first child, and was three months' along when she and Art married in a stunningly romantic ceremony on Waiheke Island in February.
They announced they were pregnant at their wedding.
In a blog post Matilda shared that the couple have kept the top tier of their chocolate wedding cake to bring out in celebration when the baby comes.
She says it's "in the freezer waiting to be eaten when little Baby Green arrives in a couple of months.
"Quite a weird tradition, but I'm here for it," she added.
The couple announced in April that they were expecting a boy, and were "bloody excited".
She also cheekily outed Art as waking up feeling "a little worse for wear" the morning after their wedding. He had been "celebrating hard", she shared.

Hiring a wedding planner helped the mum-to-be stay calm and relaxed in the lead-up to the big day, but she still felt nervous on the morning of the wedding, admitting that as soon as everyone started arriving she was "peering through the curtains wetting my pants a bit".
Matilda was also not immune to having a"Bridezilla" moment, which came in the form of her suddenly changing her mind very close to the big day about the design of her dress.
"I worked with Trish Peng to design my dream dress... I originally wanted long sleeves, but then as the wedding date drew closer and it got hotter, and taking in to account the fact that I am a very sweaty person, I realised that wouldn't work," she explains.
"So I became Bridezilla and asked to change it only a month or so out… I know, I hate me too. But Trish was so lovely and understanding and made it in to the most stunning dress I've ever worn."

Five months on, Matilda says she and Art, who found love on the debut series of The Bachelor NZ in 2015 and got engaged two years later, couldn't be happier, and that she still cries when she watches their wedding video.
"We've had almost 5 months of married bliss (when I say bliss, I mean we're exactly the same, but we probably go to bed a bit earlier) and we love looking back on what an epic day it was. I'm sure we will for many years to come.
"It was the best freakin day of our lives."
You can watch Art and Matilda's beautiful wedding video below.