Forget honeymoons - manymoons are the new trend among newly-weds

The movement in honeymoons that's appealing to many.

It's long been a tradition of newly-weds to go on a honeymoon straight after their wedding.
After all those months of planning and the inevitable stress that comes with it, there's no better time to jet off to a tropical island and spend a week lounging by the pool or on a beach.
But just as trends in weddings change, so do trends in the post-wedding holiday, aka the honeymoon.
No longer are couples putting all of their eggs in one basket, so to speak, and using up all of their annual leave in one hit.
From honeymoons, they're moving on to manymoons - where couples instead plan several short trips over the year to look forward to.

The advantages in taking manymoons are many - excuse the pun

  • You don't use up all of your annual leave at once - and if you plan your manymoons carefully you can even save some leave and go away on public holidays, fitting in a long romantic weekend over Easter or Labour Weekend, for example. Some find it difficult to extricate themselves from the demands of their jobs and take extended periods of leave. This way you can switch off from work completely, knowing everyone else is away from their desks too.
  • You've got lots of getaways to look forward to all year round. Having things to look forward to is said to enhance your mental health. Taking breaks during winter can be especially beneficial. The colder months can be a long stretch.
  • Manymoons are kinder to your wallet because you don't have the big expense of a honeymoon straight after your wedding, which has probably already probably left you dry. There is time in between each trip to recover finances and start saving again.
  • Variety is the spice of life. It's good to mix things up and experience lots of different places and people.
  • Manymoons are better for your relationship - giving you more opportunities to connect as a couple. Traditional honeymoons only allow you to spend one long amazing stretch of time together, before you have to go back to reality and the daily grind of life.

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