Married At First Sight's Ning is selling a second wedding dress - her gown from the show

This is the second wedding dress Ning is putting up for sale - could she start her own bridalwear boutique?!

There's nothing like Marie Kondo-ing your wardrobe to shed painful reminders from your past and step forward into a brighter future.
Last week Married At First Sight Australia's Ning Surasiang announced on social media that she was decluttering her wardrobe and would be selling an unworn wedding dress that she'd been holding on to for several years. The single mother-of-three had gone through a broken engagement before the show and decided it was time to rid herself of the dress she never got to wear, and bury the past.
However, why stop at one? Now Ning is auctioning off a second wedding dress, the dress she married Mark Scrivens in on MAFS.
She announced the auction over the weekend on social media, saying, "As everyone is aware, I am looking to sell my beautiful mafs wedding dress."
She had received a number of comments on Instagram from people suggesting she donate the proceeds from her first dress to charity, and while she didn't take those suggestions up she will be donating half of the proceeds from the sale of her MAFS dress to charity.

Ning explained, "Thanks to all your kind hearted comments to donating the dress to charity and with the help of @onlydreamdresses who approached me to do a charity auction on their site. I jumped at the offer. The dress will be auctioned and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to my chosen charity @help_for_hirschsprung_disease which i hold close to my heart as a mother my children mean everything to me, this charity supports kids with hirschsprung disease and other related bowel disease."
The move was met with resounding approval from her followers.
Meanwhile, MAFS' Jules Robinson - the only bride to find love on the show - quipped, "Wish I could join you. But mine came back from the dry cleaners with all the feathers burnt off it !!"
Ning and Mark's marriage got off to a rocky start in the experiment, with Ning initially rejecting her groom but then growing to become very fond of him and feeling awful about the way she'd treated him on their wedding day. The couple seemed to grow from strength to strength, although they were plagued with intimacy issues.
At their final commitment ceremony Ning told Mark she wanted to continue their relationship but Mark broke her heart by saying he hadn't found love with her.