Jacinda Ardern's sweet wedding surprise for her sister

The Labour MP has made a surprise visit to be a part of her sister's big day.

Jacinda Ardern has made a flying visit to London to surprise her only sister the day before her wedding.
The Labour deputy leader later posted a video of the moment on her Facebook page, where the clip has received over 100,000 views.
Ardern had previously decided she wouldn't be able to go to the wedding in London due to her commitments around the upcoming election - but after changing her mind, made the quick decision to fly out there and pull off the heartwarming surprise.
"As her big day got closer, I knew I'd made a massive mistake," Jacinda wrote on Facebook.
"I remember telling Andrew and he totally agreed "you have to go." So, without telling my sister I booked a flight and arrived the day before her wedding to surprise her.
"Today I walked my beautiful sister down the aisle, and I feel so privileged and lucky to have been able to do that."