Bride quits job to plan her dream wedding and demands her fiancé get a second job

Her appeal for advice on Reddit on how to convince her fiancé to get a second job has left many incredulous.

A bride has come under fire for quitting her job to plan her wedding and pressuring her fiancé to get a second job.
In a plea for advice on Reddit, the bride explained that her fiancé's refusal to take a second job had been causing arguments.
"My fiance and I are having lots of issues right now. We can't stop fighting and I don't know what to do," she says.
"I quit my job because wedding planning was taking up so much time, and my fiancé is refusing to get a second job. He doesn't understand that I don't have time to get ready for work, be somewhere else all day, and drive home. I need to be HOME to plan this wedding."
She goes on to explain that she's tried finding a job that she can do from home, but hasn't been successful.
She says it "really pisses me off" that her husband-to-be won't get a second job to fund their $80,000 wedding.
"He keeps saying that we should spend less," she complains.
"UH, HELLO, NO. This is MY WEDDING I have been dreaming of since I was little.
"How can I convince him to get a second job to pay for this?" she asks in conclusion.
"What happened to 'happy wife, happy life???????????'"
Of course, we all hope for a big day to remember, but this bride received little sympathy for her plight.
Many suggested the groom "get out" now, while he still can.
"This isn't just a red flag. This is a strobe light with a few fog horns attached to it," commented another.
Others observed that the marriage won't last: "Did you read the post? She is having a WEDDING.... the marriage is irrelevant."
For some, the bride's plea helped remind them of how lucky they were to have the partner they did:
"I need to appreciate my girlfriend's 'if we ever wind up getting married let's just go do it at the courthouse and then throw a party for our friends' sentiment a lot more," shared one.
"After reading this I realised how much I love my wife," said another.
A conversation comparing house prices to the cost of weddings developed.
But the comment that best summed it up? This one from a wedding singer (well, DJ, but close enough):
"This is so sad. I was a wedding reception DJ for 10 years and saw parties that cost less than $2000 and I saw parties that spend north of $50,000 and you know what makes a fantastic wedding party? Fantastic friends and family.
"I have seen insanely happy, funtime parties in the cheapest of church gymnasium venues and cringe worthy, dreary sad affairs at luxury destination resorts. It ain't the place that makes the party, it is the people who are there."
Here's hoping that if she read nothing else, she read this comment and heeded that great advice.