This bride has asked her bridesmaids to pay for her designer wedding dress

What would you do?

Weddings are usually a positive affair, celebrating love and unity between two people, but this bridesmaid got more than she bargained for at her friend's recent nuptials.
"Hayley" (not her real name) agreed to be a bridesmaid for her friend "Caroline" but the her bridezilla behaviour left Hayley feeling like she "might have to bail on this wedding, and friendship."
Speaking anonymously to Mamamia, the author revealed that after spending a total of $550 on her bridesmaids dress, she was then asked to pitch in even more money for something completely unexpected - the wedding dress.
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The bridal party spent three consecutive weekends searching for the perfect wedding dress when Caroline found The One - a stunning satin Marchesa gown. The only problem? At $10,500 it cost twice the budget for her dress. After some gentle encouragement by the bridesmaids, Caroline decided to get the dress and Hayley was relieved she would have her weekends and free time back.
However, an email received by all the bridesmaids that night would be the last straw for Hayley, who nearly threw her phone across the room after reading it.
"She was essentially asking her bridal party to chip in for her dress," Hayley told Mamamia.
The bride asked the bridesmaids if they could "pitch in" around $150 each towards her "dream dress", but it was "totally fine if you can’t."
If each of Caroline's seven bridesmaids chipped in $150, it would equal $1,050 - a decent reduction in the price of the dress. Three days after the email was sent, only three of the seven bridesmaids had agreed to pay the requested sum.
After forking out for bridesmaid's outfits, accommodation, the hen's party, bridal shower and a three-day spa trip, Hayley nearly had enough of the extravagant spending, and of her friendship with Caroline.