Why shower sex is not all it's cracked up to be

If you're worried that sticking to the bedroom seems boring, you needn't, says sexpert Jodie Molloy.

Q I keep seeing scenes in movies of couples having sex in the shower, but whenever I try it with my husband, it's a disaster. Am I missing something?
A You are asking for a physical disaster when it comes to hot, steamy environments traditionally made for one but involving the coordination skills of two. Now don't get me wrong –if you somehow have the perfect height ratio and are both endowed with the flexibility of a Russian gymnast, by all means, go for your life. I'm jealous! But otherwise, the horrible truth is that film studios send out these images, but they don't quite show the reality of a shower encounter.
I know people who have ended up with back sprains, bruises, twisted ankles and even a bloody nose when they've attempted "movie sex" in the bathroom. Not all of us have been born with coltish limbs and are lightweight, enabling shower-hoist moves.
Examine the origins of the desire to do this and let yourself off the hook if the places you normally have to clean during the week – like the kitchen table, the floor or the shower– aren't in fact your natural hot spots.
I'm giving you permission to say great sex in somewhere as boring as your bed is just fine.

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