What's the most romantic thing someone's ever done for you?

From moving across the world to the tried and tested roses, chocolates and bubble bath routine, love can take many forms.

We asked our loved-up readers about the most romantic thing someone has ever done for them, and you responded accordingly.
From taking a leap of faith to the traditional, flowers, chocolate and wine, here were our favourite responses (take note, gentlemen.)
A second chance
“I first met my man when I was 14 and he 15, we went out for five years then separated because I guess we were too young, he got married, I got married and divorced and had a lovely daughter. Then I was in an awful relationship for about 16 or so years, and didn't know he was in one as well, 32 years later I was sitting on Facebook and it turned out he had been looking for me and we became friends. He lived in Aussie, we decided to take the gamble even though we hadn't seen each other or seen pictures of each other. We decided to leave our partners, he had to divorce his. I went over to Aussie and helped him pack up and we both came back to NZ. He asked me to marry him two days after seeing each other for the first time. We have our own home now and are like teenagers all over again.”
Wedding memories
“For our 20th wedding anniversary (almost five years ago now) my husband made me the wedding cake I never had. When we got married I had requested from the cake maker that the top tier of the three be a chocolate cake as I wasn't keen on fruit cake. We were cutting the top and the bottom cakes in Ireland and bringing the middle one back to NZ for a second reception with his family who were unable to travel to Dublin with us. To my dismay, when the cake was cut at our reception the top tier turned out to be the one cake I liked even less than fruit cake - coffee cake!
So, 20 years later, here in NZ, my darling husband made a chocolate cake. And using photos from the wedding day iced it to look just as the original had done. He took me to dinner that night at a lovely restaurant and when dessert was served it was 'my' wedding cake. Wonder what I can expect in August for our 25th??!!”
Moving home
“I met my partner in Europe, travelled to NZ to get to know his country , and we got married within 15 days! Within three months, I had then quit my job, sold and packed up my belongings, told my family and moved to NZ. That's 16 years ago this month and we are super happy together.”
Thoughtful gifts
“When we got married my hubby made a few presents for me, giving me a credit card with no limit (it was a fun fake one), the ‘key to his heart’ and a chocolate rose.”
It’s the little things
“The most romantic thing my bf has done without even trying was cleaning my shoe.. I had accidentally stepped on poo and I was freaking out. My boyfriend found a place for me to sit and took my shoe to the bathroom. He spent 20 mins cleaning and drying my shoes without one complaint.”
After working a 12hour shift on my birthday, I came home to a bubble bath, chocolates and wine.”
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