Divorced people reveal what made them leave

Married couples can be pretty tolerant, but these people knew when they'd had enough.

Married couples can be pretty tolerant with each other but these people have explained the exact moment they decided to call it quits.

Reddit users have confessed their marriage break-up stories and some of them are unbelievable.

Family first

“When I came home to find her sister’s husband naked in my bed.”

Love, actually?

“It was pretty much the Emma Thompson storyline from Love Actually – peeked into a jewelry bag at what I thought was my Christmas gift, on Christmas morning got a goddamn Nook instead. I was confused until a week later, via Facebook snooping, I saw his ‘friend’ showing off the gift. Shortly before that, I’d seen suspicious footprints all over our floor and he denied anyone had been in the house.”

Just leave

“The day after my father died (which happened to be Thanksgiving Day) my husband erased and reset my phone. Everything on it gone. Pictures of my dad with my daughter, pictures that only I had. He did it knowing that I had not backed up my phone and it wasn’t connected to the cloud either. I had called him ‘the worst person in the world’ because he requested a month of leave to visit my terminally ill father, got the leave, then decided to not buy a ticket to come visit. When I called him that, he decided to show me how much worse it could be. That was the final straw.”


“Called to tell him my mum had just died and he said, ‘Ok’ and nothing else.”

What if?

“My husband was cheating. I found out, and instead of immediately dumping his ass, I said, ‘Let’s try to work this out, but you have to dump the girlfriend.’ His response: ‘But what if you and me don’t work out?’ DIRECT QUOTE. And THAT was the final straw.”

Labour pains

“Him leaving the hospital when I was in labor with our daughter because I was whiny. It stressed him out. For me to be whiny.”

Natural decision

“The very last one was probably when I was on a vacation (visiting my hometown) by myself because my ex hated traveling and did whatever he could to avoid it. I was hiking along a gorgeous river with two good friends who are a couple, and watching them have so much fun together in nature. My ex hated being outdoors or doing anything involving exercise. I absolutely love both (yeah yeah … why did I even fall in love with and marry him, but we did have some other things in common). When I saw my friends enjoying nature together, I felt so envious and I realized that would never be me and my significant other, if I stayed with my ex anyway.”

Friends forever

“I came home early from work because of a migraine. Found him in bed with my best friend. Oddly, I was more hurt by her behaviour than his. Broomed them both that day.”

Love is a Battlefield

“We had been fighting over some fundamental issues, and I moved out for a couple weeks. I told him I’d be back in three weeks, we’d discuss everything with clear heads, and move on in our relationship. When I came over to have that conversation, he didn’t even turn off Battlefield. I quietly packed the rest of my stuff, and left. He regretted that decision soon after, and almost three years later still tries to get me back … in between girlfriends.”

Kids know best

“When our four year-old son started imitating what we yelled at each other during our increasingly frequent blowout fights.”

He said it first

“He mentioned divorce, kind of as a threat, as in ‘If you’re so unhappy, why don’t we just get divorced then?’ intending me to go ‘No! We’ll work it out, I’ll try harder…’ etc. etc. etc. I responded the intended way, but it stuck in my mind: Suddenly, divorce became a possibility, and I had a way out. It was weird that him mentioning divorce as a way of bringing me back to him was what pushed me further away.”

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