These Hollywood leading ladies don’t need a man to lead rich and fulfilling lives

Happy to be single!
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There’s never been a better time to be a woman going it alone through life.

We pursue our own careers, travel the world and surround ourselves with wonderful friends and family.

Here, some of our favourite stars reveal why the secret to their happiness isn’t determined by being in a relationship.

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Charlize Theron, 42 years, Single mum on a mission.

She broke up with Sean Penn in 2015, and ever since she’s been raising her adopted children Jackson Theron, August Theron, alone.

Though the star is dating she says nothing serious has happened yet and they’ll have to wait a long time before they’ll be introduced to her children.

“I’m not needy but I think when I was younger, I definitely allowed men to get away with s— that I shouldn’t. I think now that I’m older I hope I’m a little bit better with it,” she told Howard Stern .

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Melanie Griffith, 60, Moving on.

Two weeks after filing for divorce from Antonio Banderas, Melanie had dinner with hunky actor Matt Dillon, 50. Now that she’s back in the dating pool, she’s revamped her NYC apartment, lasered off her “Antonio” tattoo and started doing Bikram yoga.

“I’m just happy. I’m really joyful. Life is good.”

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Sharon Stone, 59, QUITE THE APPETITE.

Mature women make better lovers!

“As women, we understand our bodies and there’s a blossoming that occurs [with age],” says Sharon, who took time away from dating to raise her three young sons. “We’re hungry for gourmet meals instead of the fast food. We bring to life a more expansive understanding of life, ourselves and others. We are more generous and assertive.”

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Sally Field, 71, She’s hot property.

Sally has downsized her Malibu mansion to a three-bedroom LA home. With her three sons grown, “suddenly my life is open to possibilities,” she says. That includes time with male companions.

“When you get to a certain age, you’re not ‘dating’,” she says.

“I have friends that I go out with, men friends.”

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Cher, 71, FUN SEEKER.

The icon has enjoyed a number of relationships but says her popularity can be a strain. “It takes a certain kind of man to be able to put up with [my fame].”

Divorced from Gregg Allman since 1979, Cher continues to savour romance. “Love feels to me like unbelievable fun, and if it’s not unbelievable fun, you stop it,” she says.

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Martha Stewart, 76, NOW SHE’S COOKING!

Naturally, the best way to Martha’s heart is through her stomach!

“Men cook for me all the time,” she tells. But if a man isn’t a kitchen whiz, a restaurant is always fine. “I like to go out for a fun, delicious meal and get to know the person.”

I’d love to have a more regular male companion,’ Martha admits.

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Betty White, 96, No cougar.

The comedy star, who’s been a widow since 1981, says she’d like to date an older man. “I’ve always liked older men. They’re just more attractive to me,” she says. “I’ve enjoyed the opposite sex a lot – always have, always will.”

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Teri Hatcher, 53, FLYING solo.

Now that daughter Emerson is a teenager, twice-divorced Teri is ready to date again – but she’s taking her time. And while friends like former Desperate Housewives co-star Vanessa Williams have set her up on blind dates, she’s happy with her current single status.

“I have a really good life and I’m self-sufficient,” she says. “I’ve been really fortunate to have some great experiences in my life, and I look forward to more.”

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