The number one reason women dumped their partners last year

It's kind of brilliant.

Number one split reason
What's the main reason you would ditch a romantic partner? Infidelity, bad sex, a lack of communication?
According to a survey conducted on almost 7,000 dating app users, the top reason for women ending their relationships last year was political differences.
As the UK was ripped apart by Brexit, and Americans were torn on Trump, it seems that political affiliations had a lot to do with how women felt about their other halves.
According to the survey, 35 per cent of women surveyed said differing political views forced their hand, while bad sex came in a whopping 11 per cent behind this.
Finances came in as 13 per cent of the reason, while jealousy and mistrust hit the fourth and fifth spot.
But for men, the reasons for dumping were a little more superficial.
27 per cent of men said they dumped their partner because of weight gain, while attachment also came in at 20 per cent.
Jealousy, bad sex and infidelity made up the rest of the top five.