The most bizarre reasons people have been dumped

They say honesty is the best policy, right? Er, maybe not in these cases.

Sometimes hearing the truth kinda sucks, as these dumpees can tell you.

They’ve all been broken up with for ridiculous reasons, and if the reasons why were actually a lie, then surely they could have thought of a much nicer one!

Scorned singletons have taken to confession app Whisper to reveal the weird and slightly funny reasons they were given for being dumped.

Here they are in all their glory.

“He ‘forgot’ he already had a girlfriend before we started dating.”

“’You ate the leftover pizza last night.’ True story.”

“He left because I don’t have cable TV.”

“’Your boobs are too big.’”

“’I need to spend more time with my dog.’”

“’I don’t like how short you cut your hair. If you grow it back we can get back together in a couple of months?’”

“’My fish doesn’t think we should be together anymore.’”

“’You’re too weird and you read books too much.’”

“I made expressions with my eyebrows when I talked.”

“He said I was too smart and that he couldn’t date a girl smarter than him.”

“You are too obsessed with sushi and you know I hate sushi.”

“You’re more obsessed with a boy band.”

“It’s too easy, I feel too comfortable with you too quickly. Something must be wrong.”

Wow. Got any that can top that? Let us know via our Facebook page.

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