Art and Matilda Green take the Date Box Challenge for a romantic weekend getaway

Keep the romance alive by hitting the road and getting away from it all.

By Now To Love with Subaru
When life gets busy it's easy to fall into the trap of letting your relationship take a back seat, and it begins to feel like you only ever communicate about what's for dinner.
Yet shared experiences help couples to feel connected, so it's more important than ever to spend time together.
There's nothing like a weekend away to reintroduce the romance. Subaru wants to encourage you to not only rediscover the joy of a weekend trip, but also rediscover your partner in the process. They've come up with these ideas in their The Date Box Challenge that Kiwi couples can do on a much-deserved weekend getaway. Kiwi couple Art and Matilda Green headed out of town in a Subaru Forester and checked them out.

1. Go on a romantic picnic

No weekend away is complete without a picnic. Get things rolling by heading to a farmers' market together to buy your picnic basket treats, fresh. Make a pact that you'll both try something new that you haven't eaten before.
Or rise at dawn to enjoy a sunrise picnic. Watch the world wake up before you.

2. Take day trips

Take turns to organise a day out on the road together, where whoever's doing the planning gets to include all of their favourite things - including their favourite activities, music and food. It's a great way for the other partner to learn more about you.
Once you get to wherever you are headed, make sure you take the time to explore the area together.

3. Turn back time

Here's one for the serious romantics – recreate your first date together. Wear the same outfits, return to the same location, play the same soundtracks… this is perfect for an anniversary.

4. Find a fun event

Check out event websites and facebook pages to find out if there are festivals, new art trails or events happening. Try an event you wouldn't normally attend if you were home.

5. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Be a team and try an activity that scares you both a little. Drive to a tree-climbing course, try zip-lining or go full Kiwi and dive into white water rafting. Get out of your comfort zone and give yourselves something new to bond over.

Plan your discovery date today!

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