Spice up your life

13 reasons to spend more time in the bedroom!

By Durex
Lighten the mood
It’s a natural antidepressant
Satisfying sex floods our bodies with neuro-hormones that fight off depression and anxiety – dopamine, the reward hormone; serotonin, the ecstasy hormone; and oxytocin, the cuddle hormone. Endorphins, mood-enhancing neuro-transmitters with a similar chemical structure to morphine, are triggered by oxytocin.
It relieves pain
Studies in the US have found female migraine and arthritis sufferers who have regular orgasms experience relief, and have a higher pain threshold.
Banish the bugs
It bolsters your immunity
According to a US study, people who have sex once or twice a week have higher levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A than those who have sex less than once a week.
It aids digestion
Sex increases the movement of food along the gut. So go ahead, enjoy that pre-coital dessert!
Get the body pumping
It improves your blood pressure
The cardiovascular benefits of sex increase the heart rate and blood flow through the body, which helps keep blood pressure in check and enhances heart health.
It increases oestrogen levels
During sexual arousal, estradiol – the most potent form of the female sex hormone oestrogen – is released into the bloodstream. It protects against heart disease, osteoporosis, colon cancer, diabetes and cognitive decline. It also makes your hair shinier and your skin softer.
Raise the tone
It keeps you fit
Active, enthusiastic sex, where you’re keeping it spicy by switching positions, is good exercise and improves muscle tone. Great sex works all muscle groups, keeps you flexible, increases oxygenation in your blood and can burn up to 630kJ in half an hour.
It strengthens your pelvic floor muscles
Doing pelvic floor exercises during sex improves your sensations and satisfaction, and can also help reduce incontinence later on. During sex, switch on those muscles by contracting them – and you’ll improve the experience for both you and your partner.

Best benefits of all...

It makes you sexier
If you’re engaged in regular, quality lovemaking, you’re in a better state of wellbeing because you’ve got all those nice endorphins circulating, but you’re also producing pheromones, the sex-attraction hormone.
It keeps you young
Older men and women who engage in active, regular sex look younger than those who have less sex, thanks to a boost in circulation and the release of pleasurable endorphins.
It boosts self-esteem
If you’re having good sex often with someone you’re involved with, it improves the strength of your relationship and makes you feel better about yourself.
Words: Bonnie Vaughan
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