Retirement Boredom

Finding something to do in retirement can be a challenge for some people.

By Wendyl Nissen
Dear Wendyl,
My husband has been a bit bored since he retired and when we recently moved into an apartment by the beach, I thought he would love our new life. But sadly he still felt that he had nothing to do. So I went out and bought him a telescope, thinking that he could renew his interest in the stars.
Instead, he spends every night with the damn thing focused on our neighbours in the other apartments. Some of them are holiday rentals and I think he gets to see pretty raunchy stuff. Now he seems to be glued to the thing day and night. What can I do?
Telescope widow, via email
**Dear Telescope widow,
Make up your mind. One minute you’re complaining because your husband is bored, the next minute you’re moaning because he’s too occupied.
An all-consuming relationship with a telescope is not high on the list of reasons to worry, in my book. Let him be. As long as he is happy, where’s the harm?
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