Polly Gillespie's hard truths on online bullying

Polly opens up about being bullied on social media

By Polly Gillespie
It's never cool being a troll. But it's even more pathetic to be in the troll posse. I feel most of us kids who danced in front of the mirror with a hairbrush – or one of those annoying toy microphones that distorted your voice in such a manner to torture your parents – never dreamed of being Britney Spears or Pink's back-up singers, did we?
No, we were the stars. The headliners. Our names were up in lights.
Which brings me to being trolled on social media, which often happens to me because some sad souls need attention any way they can get it. I'm not generally irritated by the trolls themselves. Frankly, I am far more disgusted by the trolls' back-up singers.
You know, those wee cowards who "like" the trolls' vicious or dumb comments. They're not brave enough – brave is the wrong word – to post the nasty messages, but they hide behind the online bullies and push "like".
Being a lowly member of a bully's gang is wimpy and cowardly. If I'm going to block someone, I'll often block the little bully hiding behind the bold one. I've never liked bullies. I can't remember ever being a bully, and I'm damn sure I've never hidden under a bully's skirt and smirked.
If you're going to sing, then be the star. If you're going to dance, then dance in the front row.
And if you're going to waste your time on negativity by finding ways to yell at people via a keyboard, at least be the lead idiot and not the mousey troll's back-up chorus line.
In saying this, what would be even better is not trolling. It's just so 2021 and you'd be far better using your time going to yoga or being exceptionally kind to strangers.
Kindness can include not ever buying someone's else's child a voice-distorting toy microphone or, for that matter, liquid sand, a chocolate fountain or anything involving sparkle and glitter. It's not fun. It's cruel to parents.
That's trolling in real life.
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