Partners share what they wish they’d known before getting married

Conversations you should have had before walking down the aisle.
woman putting up with husband's snoring

woman putting up with husband's snoring

Is there something you wish you’d known about your partner, before you married them? Internet users have been confessing what they wish they’d known via Whisper. From snoring to whether or not they wanted children – here are the biggest conversations they wish they’d had.

“How he would completely change because his idea of how to be a husband is different from how he was as a boyfriend.”

“The snoring though.”

“That he was Asexual.”

“How much he would dislike my family over time. I hate being caught inbetween.”

“What a slob he is. Move in together before you get married!”

“One of the worst decisions I’ve ever made was not talking about finances before getting married.”

“I wish I knew my husband would NEVER want kids. I made the mistake of thinking he would change as he got older.”

“That he’s been struggling with his sexuality since he was 11 and is actually gay.”

“That she would change completely after kids and I’ll have to lose everything in order to have any meaningful happiness in my life.”

“That he would never be able to keep up with my sex drive and that his socks would never make it to the freaking hamper. I still would have married him though.”

“That he has no idea what romance means. I probably would have married him anyway. It just would have been nice to know.”

“How often he farts. Especially in his sleep. Our bedroom smells like someone died in there every morning.”

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