Nadia Lim lets us in on the surprising reason her husband fell for her

Although we can see why he would have been impressed!

In life you could say Nadia Lim knows how to win, and her stellar career is testament to that. She is a winner of MasterChef, co-founder of My Food Bag, top-selling author, TV host, and has her own award-winning magazine...
But not all of her "goals" have been realised.
At 12, Nadia had her heart set on who she was going to marry, and even had their TV cooking show all planned out.
But she did not, in the end, walk down the aisle with this celebrity chef.
Instead, she met Carlos Bagrie and 14 years later they're happily married as well as the proud parents of Bodhi, three, and baby River.
In this video Nadia reveals what it was about her that told Carlos she was 'the one'. It's not what you'd expect. We also found out who she would have married if her 12-year-old self had had her way.

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