Matilda Green serves cheeky burn to husband Art on social media

We're all ears!

There's taking your workouts seriously and then there's taking your workouts seriously - and Matilda Green clearly thought husband Art was taking his a little too seriously when she served him a cheeky burn on social media.
Art Green took to Instagram this week to sing the praises of nose breathing while exercising, admitting that to successfully complete his runs he has to slow down his pace considerably. Brisk walking pace now, maybe? Anyways...
"Over the past few weeks I've been experimenting with nasal breathing (closing my mouth and breathing through my nose) whilst running," he wrote.
Yes, we're keeping up, Art.
"There are a bunch of proposed health benefits to this," he continued, "but one that I wasn't expecting was that I've actually started to enjoy running more.
"I think it's a combination of my respiratory system becoming more efficient and also the fact that I'm forced to slow my running down to a sustainable speed at which it becomes enjoyable," he said.
Art went on to ask if anyone else had experience with nasal breathing during exercise and among the many comments was this from his wife: "I sometimes breath through my ears. Have you tried that? Also has many benefits."

Art can't have been impressed because Matilda's cheeky comment was met with a frosty silence (on the gram at least).
But we thought it was hilarious and we weren't the only ones.
"This comment made me giggle and then I seen he was being trolled by his wife and it had me in fits of laughter," commented one.
Anika Moa quipped, "Can't wait to nasal run in 2030 when the kids all leave home!"
Art has spoken up before about the importance of exercise not just for physical health but mental health too. The paleo diet advocate and father of one tries to exercise in nature every day and also practises meditation and Wim Hof breathing techniques.
So, nose breathing... it really is a thing. According to Buteyko Breathing Clinic director Glenn White, "It helps power up mitochondria by boosting oxygen and glucose delivery to working cells. This can be a game changer for most sports."
Nasal breathing in general ensures better blood flow and lung volumes, can help maintain body temperature, promote better brain function and filter the air that we inhale.
But it's hard to do when exercising as many pointed out in response on Art's Instagram page, and takes dedicated practise.
We're guessing Art will be mastering the technique on his own, though, because Matilda, who is no slouch herself - having completed a half marathon and a full one in recent times - likes to breathe through her ears.