Oversharing alert! Keith Urban's new song shares saucy details on his sex life with Nicole Kidman

Wowsers, Keith, that's a lot of information!

Country singer Keith Urban has a public service announcement for anyone who may be curious about what his sex life with wife Nicole Kidman is like.
Leaving nothing to the imagination, the 50-year-old paints a very sultry picture with his brand new song Gemini.
And no lie - it sounds like the country crooner is one chuffed man.
If you've ever wondered what Nic and Keith are like behind closed doors...wonder no more.
The proud hubby sings, "She's a maniac in the bed but a brainiac in the head."
And it doesn't stop there, adding, "She'll wake you to make love in the middle of the night."
Clearly Keith and Nicole want to avoid having the talk with their two girls Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.
Instead they can just play the song...
Chatting to the Telegraph, Keith spoke about the new song.
"Gemini is just a simple, fun, sexy-arse song about my wife."
"There certainly would have been a time when I wouldn't have been sure it felt right coming out of my mouth," he said.
"But if I feel that way about her, what is the problem?"

Keith is quite proud of his new album, Graffiti U which he describes as a "love letter to music." His new sound features a bevy of famous guests including Ed Sheeran and Chris Martin.
"I love that I get to make music and that I get to make it with whoever the hell I want to make it with."
He acknowledges that with Gemini, he hasn't penned the next "Blowing In The Wind (by Bob Dylan) or Imagine (by John Lennon)".
"It is just fun."
Sounds like it, Keith!