Horror stories of the world’s worst wedding guests

Sometimes, no matter how much planning you do, there's always that one guest who's determined to ruin it for everyone.

“My sister’s wedding. The groom’s grandma and female cousins (parents are deceased) wiped their feet on my sister’s dress train during pictures, then stole all the bottles of wine that had the labels customized to read the wedding vows of the groom’s parents, then proceeded to bring back hard liquor, do shots, and grind on the DJ while he was playing bass-booming hip hop that my sister and her husband explicitly said they didn’t want. After those shenanigans, they also threatened to physically assault my sister and my mother.”

“She got super drunk, gave a speech during the ceremony where she was apparently ‘channeling’ my dead mom, whom she had never even met, saying how ‘proud’ my mom was of me. Then later, during the actual reserved time for speeches, she again, uninvited, shared the story of when I met my husband and how I actually wasn’t interested in him because I was trying to f— his friend at the time. She didn’t say ‘trying to f—‘ but she may as well have. It’s totally true but did she have to announce it to my entire group of wedding guests!? What a nightmare! We are not friends anymore.”

“My new MIL wouldn’t let me be in some photos because she wanted ‘only real family members.'”

Some guests just refuse to play by the rules

“Everyone was the b*tch. I had a destination wedding and paid for people to come. People only stayed about an hour at our reception and took off to do tourists stuff. My husband and I spent the majority of our reception alone. We paid out a lot of money to make sure people had fun and they all left. 10 years later and it still pisses me off.”

“Her best friend kept jumping into every picture she could and she’d stick her middle finger up at the camera in every picture. And then she tried to make out with the groom. No one has heard from her since the wedding.”

“She missed the ceremony rehearsal the day before because she was too busy trying to get my father in law to buy skinny jeans at a Macy’s on the way to the venue. She ended up being 4 hours late. Before the ceremony, she made a scene at the resort spa bc she didn’t like her makeup, resulting in the makeup artist leaving in tears. Other people couldn’t get their makeup done because the spa had to pull in another makeup artist with limited time. Then, she wouldn’t stop bitching about her makeup while I was trying to calmly get ready in my room. At the reception, she kept hitting on the men, including the married ones. At the after party in a friend’s suite, she made out with and rubbed the crotch of a guy in front of everyone.”

“At my moms best friends wedding a young lady decided to wear a white floor length dress and kept asking the dj to play all these line dancing songs that only she knew the moves to. I think the groom was more pissed than the bride so part 2 of my wedding gift to them was to casually drag her off the dance floor and talk to the dj about reading the room when it came to requests.”

“After the ceremony, we were taking group pics with both families. After a couple of pictures, my mother-in-law starts walking around loudly proclaiming, “Can we get a picture with just the close family, please?”. My husband and I were like sure…but then she kept saying it over and over again. Until finally I realized she wanted a pic without me in it but was just being passive aggressive about it.”

“Best man. Left during pictures to get his girlfriend, forgot my ring in his car (ran to get it right before I walked down the aisle), and made up his speech on the spot after we told him with plenty of time he needed one. I felt so bad for my husband. My sister wrote this amazing speech and then his best man just sounded like a total idiot giving his “speech” after her. I was not amused.”

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