10 things Heartbreak Island taught us about creating the perfect online dating profile

The show claims to be “taking the game of online dating offline” - but it all still starts with the all-important few pics and a bio.

The Heartbreak Island contestants are well versed in online dating - or enough to give up, throw in the towel and sign up for a reality dating show.
If you aren't quite at that point yet, or even if you are only just ready to give online dating a go, these online-dating-veterans-turned-reality-stars have tips to get you started.
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Reveal something unexpected about yourself

The most picked guy was Izaak. Here's some advice from him: "Being a pilot. It's not a bad pick up line to use every now and then."
Damn straight, Izaak! Show people pictures of you doing cool, interesting things you love doing and they can't help but think you're pretty cool.

Make sure you are looking your best

Kristian, the second most popular guy did very well. And why? All the girls seemed to reckon it was the suit. And it (excuse me) suited him! We aren't saying wear a suit – we are saying wear something that flatters you and you too will get a few matches!
Proof that even if the cast's profiles weren't perfect, they all got along in the end.

Don't use old pictures of yourself

When Gennady was matched with Joshua, the guys all noted that she looked different from her photos. One of the guys even called her a catfish. Another pointed out that her photos were not better or worse, "just different." This happens. Everyone has a sliiiightly different idea of what their own face looks like. And it only becomes a problem when you meet the person and they feel deceived. Get your friends to help you choose photos that really look like you so you start any meetups you are sure to have on the right foot.

Be careful what you mention

"Personal trainers have, like, a stereotype… which I don't match at all." Said Tavita when he is revealed to be the least popular guy. Maybe he shouldn't have mentioned that bit of very influential information if it doesn't match who he is then? Or offset it with a "but I don't match the stereotype" in his bio. Don't lie, just also don't include pieces of information that don't fit with who you are.

Use a good variety of pictures

Yeah you might be ripped. But that doesn't mean you should make ALL your pictures muscle selfies. Josh, we are talking to you. As his eventual match, Tiffany, said "he had a lot of muscle selfies in the mirror and I wasn't interested in that." Josh, you seem really sweet and cool, so maybe choose some pictures that show that off. Who knows, maybe even one or two with a shirt on? Though credit where credit is due, you have clearly been hitting the gym and we congratulate you for that.

Don’t sell yourself short

Similarly, when it was revealed that none of the guys had chosen Ella, not only did she feel awful (and fair enough!) the guys all said that she was much more attractive than her pictures. Other than making sure all your friends take photography courses, the best you can do here is to get your pals to help you choose your photos. Maybe even put a few on Facebook or Instagram and use the ones with the most likes?


Julius hit the nail on the head when he said "I liked Georgia's profile the most. She had a nice, warm smile and she had a pretty cool personality from what I saw." The smile is key – choose pictures in which you are happy and the warmth will come through.
The Heartbreak Island hotties

Use pictures that show off your personality

When Kelsey chose Harry she liked the look of him. Not so much when he got off the boat and dabbed. The first takeaway here is to make sure your personality is evident in your pics. If you party-hard, own it! If you are a teetotaller and never go out except to buy kale and kombucha, that's great too! Own that! Point is, show who you are and your matches will suit you better. But also, don't let meeting them make you nervous and do weird and/or odd things when you're hanging out. Just be you.

Know your age range

As Ella says when she is matched with Tavita, "it's not Tavita, it's just that I would never be with someone that's 28."
Don't go for someone too young or too old for you when you know it's not really going to work. It cost $00.00 to stay in your lane.

You can only tell so much from a profile

Shayna and Stacy weren't a match via their profiles. But when they met, they liked the look of each other and they clicked and that's what counts. Good for them.