Feminists have better sex, a new study finds

Just another reason to be proudly feminist!

It comes as no surprise, really, because we all know that a feminist is someone who knows herself well and is comfortable in her own skin. She also knows what she wants and how to get it.
But now a new study has proven it: feminists have better sex.
According to a study by The Centre For Sexual Health Promotion, women who have hostile views towards feminism are more likely to fake their orgasms, as are women who are uncomfortable saying the word 'clitoris'. This in turn suggests that women who are feminist (and comfortable with their anatomy) enjoy an increased likelihood of having orgasms.
The 2019 paper, which was published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, involved surveying 462 heterosexual women from the UK. It found that those who espoused anti-feminist values had faked significantly more orgasms over their lifetime.
"Furthermore, the more that women believed female orgasm was necessary for men's sexual gratification, the more likely they were to have faked an orgasm at least once in their lives compared to women who had never faked an orgasm," the study's authors explained.
The study additionally found that 42 per cent of women who fake orgasms do so because they're worried about hurting their partner's feelings.
Ladies, let's address this: if you are faking orgasms you are only short-changing yourself. You're also short changing your partner because you're not giving him the opportunity to get to know you better, which in turn promotes feelings of closeness between you.
There is always, always the option of telling your partner what you like!
We'd like to suggest this is a clear example of 'when you should not be faking it till you make it'.
And if you're in any doubt about that, we suggest you read this article about why sex should definitely no longer be 'all about him'.
Incidentally, fake orgasms are on the decline. The study found that while over half of women (58 per cent of respondents) reported having previously pretended to have an orgasm, the majority of those respondents (67 per cent) no longer fake it.