Dating a single mum

Sam asks about moving in with his girlfriend.

Dear Wendyl,

I am 22 and recently began a relationship with a girl I met at work. We are really getting on well and we’ve discussed moving in together. But, she has a two-year-old son and while we get on well I don’t know if I can handle being a Dad to him. I’d like to, but I’ve never had much to do with kids and I’m worried I’ll stuff it up. Do you have any advice?

Sam, via email.

Dear Sam,

The fact that you are writing to me with your concerns tells me already that you will be a good carer for this child because you are taking it seriously and thinking hard about it. I think if you talk to your girlfriend about it she will be able to help you through a lot of the things you are worrying about – she’s been doing it for two years and can help you learn. But I would also consider going to a parenting class just because it will give you some confidence and help you realise that raising a child is an important job but also a lot of fun and I think it could really enhance your relationship not destabilise it. Contact your local Plunket office and ask them about their free parenting courses.

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