Dancing with the Stars' Clint Randell shares his secrets to a happy marriage

Juggling his relationship and fatherhood alongside 4am radio starts and dance training has been a challenge, but Clint insists he always tries to find moments to spoil his wife of 10 years, Jamie.

By Ellen Mackenzie
He waltzed his way to the top of the leaderboard for the second time in week two and continues to get high scores, but while Clint Randell's fancy footwork earned high scores from the judges, it was his wife Jamie and their three-year-old daughter Cameron who The Edge radio star was really trying to impress.
The Dancing with the Stars contestant, who is known as Randell on the hit reality TV series and radio, laughs, "Every time Cameron comes to the dance studio, she loves it. She's always spinning around and watching herself in the mirror. She loves dancing, but she doesn't get much of a kick out of watching Dad on TV – she'd rather watch The Lion King!"
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But one person who is captivated by Clint's moves is his wife Jamie, 31. When the loved-up pair, who also share a two-year-old son Ty, arrive at our photo shoot, they could be mistaken for newlyweds – but the reality is quite different. Just three days before Clint's debut on the dance floor, the lovebirds celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.
Jamie beams, "It was so amazing watching him dance – I was very proud of him. He's been working so hard and sacrificing a lot for this. Last week, he didn't see the kids between Wednesday and Saturday because he was working nonstop. But all his hard effort has paid off."
Clint and Jamie married in 2009.
Juggling his relationship and fatherhood, alongside 4am radio starts and dance training, has been a challenge, but Clint insists he always tries to find moments to spoil his wife.
"You have to try to find the time, otherwise you might as well be flatmates," insists the 33-year-old, who hosts The Edge Breakfast with Dom Harvey and Megan Annear.
It's during our interview that Clint lets slip he's been planning a trip away for Jamie.
Putting the wow into a Viennese waltz! Clint and partner Brittany Coleman fire up the floor.
"Oh, you don't know yet, but we're going away for a night," he smiles at Jamie. "I've planned it all out. We were going to go on a big holiday for our anniversary, but we had to delay it because of Dancing with the Stars. Hopefully, this will be a nice little getaway."
Family is incredibly important to Clint and it's what motivated him to choose Refresh as his charity for the competition.
"They support single-parent families, mostly struggling solo mums," he explains.
"As a father of two, it's really hard sometimes, even with my wife. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for those having to do it all on their own."
Clint appreciates Jamie's unwavering support of his career and his newfound dancing aspirations.
"She's the type of person who's always putting other people's needs before her own," tells Clint.
"Jamie will randomly get up at 4.30am and I'll hear her in the kitchen making me breakfast because she knows that will give me an extra 10 minutes. I don't know many wives who would do that."
Cameron and Ty aren't all that interested in seeing their dad on TV.
While his slick moves on DWTS have left audiences in awe, Clint wasn't so impressive at the few salsa classes Jamie dragged him to during the early days of their marriage.
"It was on the same night I played softball, so I'd get to salsa and I'd already be in a bad mood because I didn't want to be there as it was eating into my game time," he recalls. "We did a few sessions and it was OK, but we didn't stick with it."
Shaking her head, Jamie affectionately jumps in, "Well, he never really wanted to practise with me, so we stopped going. Now look at him – he's dancing five hours a day!"

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