Couple together for 70 years share their beautiful love story

If you don't cry at this video you officially have no soul.

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A couple married for 65 years have been the talk of the internet this week, after their story aired on an episode of British documentary series 24 hours in A&E.
After husband John was admitted to Accident and Emergency with a heart problem, accompanied by his wife, he began to share their love story with the nurse treating him.
From the moment they met working at a telephone company, to their first date at the pictures and eating beans on toast - John opens up on their perfect life together.
Sadly, John soon reveals that his beloved wife has Stage 1 Alzheimer’s, and he worries about not being able to look after her.
“It’s sad. But I can’t be greedy, we’ve both had a good life together,” he tells cameras.
Along with the couple’s daughter Dawn, he explains that her lucid days are just like old times.
“You go out for a walk hand in hand and it seems marvellous.
“We’ll go and sit in the park and sit there in the sun.
“And the passersby nod to us…that’s how I like to think of my life.”
The episode has prompted people to start sharing other stories of long-term love, of parents and grandparents who stayed together for 60 years or more.
“If I has my life over again I’d want her as my partner, that’s for sure,” says John.