Body language expert reveals how to tell if someone is lying to you

If you spot three or more of these indicators then yes, you are probably being lied to.

By Karyn Henger
People tell us all sorts of things, and some of it is not the truth. They may lie because they don't want to upset us, or they could be hiding something we really ought to know.
That uneasy feeling you get when you suspect you've been lied to is probably on the money. We betray far more about ourselves through our body language than we do with what we say. But most of us don't know enough about body language to be sure of what we're seeing, making it easier to brush off doubts.
In this video body language expert Suzanne Masefield talks us through the signs to watch out for that tell us we're being lied to.
One sign doesn't necessarily mean a lie - but if you spot three or more of these indicators then chances are, you're being lied to.
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