Your go-to guide to the best sex toys for women

For your pleasure

The conversation around female pleasure has undergone a positive transformation in recent years, and in turn so has the talk surrounding the best sex toys for women.
Female masturbation has scientifically proven benefits, like encouraging more fulfilling sleep, higher levels of happiness, lower amounts of stress, alleviation of menstrual pain, and a deeper level of comfort with your body.
The sex toy industry is thriving, and there are so many innovative shapes, sizes, colours and designs to fit any type of body or need. If you need some help deciding which gadget is best for your needs or you want to achieve an orgasm, consult our guide to the best sex toys for women in New Zealand below.

The best sex toys to shop now

Bullet vibrators

If you're on a budget, but you're after a mighty, powerful vibe, then a bullet vibrator is a satisfying option.
Wrapped in peachy silicone and with a floral pattern, The Rose 2 has 25 vibration modes. This pint-sized paramour knows how to get the party started.
Lovehoney Magic Bullet, $24.95, from Lovehoney
Packing 10 delectable functions into its sleek silver form, the Lovehoney Magic Bullet is a climax machine made for your pleasure. Powerful vibrations travel along your bullet's length in 3 intensities and 7 rhythms. At the same time, the tapered nib delivers precise clitoral stimulation.
Evolved My Blue Heaven Rechargeable, $119.99, from Peaches & Cream
Sleek and discreet, this powerful bullet targets your pleasure with robust 10-speed motor and take it underwater for an extra-fun bath time.
Mantric Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator, $79.95, from Lovehoney
The Mantric Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator combines unbelievable power with whisper-quiet vibrations, while the 10-mode motor in a velveting silicone body delivers on enjoyment.

Clitoral vibrators

Vibrators stimulate the clitoris and simulate oral sex. The best vibrating toys offer an intense range of speeds and pulses from the palm of your hand.
Missy, $129, from Girls Get Off
The Missy is Girls Get Off's original product. While she may be small, she is mighty. And there are some perks to being small, as she is discreet and quiet. As an external vibrator, Missy is a clitoral vacuum that echoes the sensation of oral sex. With several intensity levels, all you need to focus on is having a good time.
The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a worldwide best-selling sex toy. It's designed to help women achieve quicker, more intense and even multiple orgasms by delivering oral-like clitoral stimulation. Its unique Air Pulse technology creates a sucking and massaging sensation, and its 11 exciting settings will send you into orgasm heaven.
The stunning Lovehoney Rose is a stunning clitoral stimulator with Pleasure Air technology that boasts 10 intense suction modes to help you reach your bliss.

Classic vibrators and sex toys

Classic vibrators have a straight, slim, elegant shape and come in a range of tasteful colours and textures (smooth, textured or ribbed). They are designed for inserting inside you (but they still feel great against your clitoris). You can even use them on your partner.
These traditional vibrators are very easy to use, with controls at the base and different settings to keep things interesting. Vibrators are essentially a masterful combination of aesthetics and engineering with an easy clean hard plastic shell to intensify the powerful vibration settings.
Ideal for beginners, this velvety smooth vibrator delivers unique sensations with its sensually swirled shaft and multi-speed vibrations.
This elegant, mid-sized vibrator delivers intensely satisfying sensations with 8 near-silent vibration patterns, while its striking silhouette is beautifully tailored to the curves of the female body.
Let waves of pleasure rock through you with the Ripple vibrator. The silky sensation offers intensely satisfying waves to wow your inner sweet spots and 10 moan-inducing modes to explore.

Rabbit vibrators

There's a reason this style of vibrator played a starring role in Sex And The City. Scientifically proved to give you a 17% longer orgasm, the Rabbit G-Spot vibrator is sure to get you off.
VUSH Muse Rabbit Vibrator, $169, from The Iconic
With its internal and external arms working on your G-Spot and clitoris, this VUSH Muse rabbit vibrator will strike up the best type of inspiration.
Evolved Rabbit Habit Rechargeable Vibe, $221.99, from Peaches & Cream
This luxurious silicone rabbit's long shaft delivers a deeply satisfying experience with 8 powerful vibrating functions. The clit stimulator has a unique peek-a-boo tip for extraordinary teasing pleasure.
If you are looking for a luxurious toy to indulge in, then the Insignia Soraya 2 rabbit vibrator is the toy for you. The rabbit vibrator has a 5-inch insertable shaft, so a gratifying G-spot massage is always at hand, and the clitoral stimulator has 12 vibration modes so you can find the right setting for your pleasure.
The hands free Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator has been ergonomically designed with silky-soft silicone to target your G-Spot with three vibration intensities and seven rhythms. At the same time, the suction toy provides external clitoral pressure and suction with 11 intensities for a sensation similar to oral stimulation. Separate controls for pressure waves and vibration allow for many combinations of settings to find your perfect, touch free pleasure.

Discreet vibrators

Discreet vibrators are similar to bullet vibrators, but with options that can be disguised as a necklace or lipstick. These babies are so discreet, you can take them anywhere and everywhere.
For an accessory that complements any look, this rose gold Lovehoney Dare Discreet necklace is secretly a small but powerful vibrator that means your own power to please is always close by.
The Lovehoney Oh! Kiss Me Lipstick vibrator will be right at home in your makeup bag, so your sexy secret can stay completely discreet. The powerful vibrations channel through the lipstick tip for swift gratification.

G-Spot vibrators

If you are trying to learn the sometimes elusive art of female ejaculation, then G-Spot vibrators are the sex toys to try for spot stimulation. These curved vibrators have a bulbous head that stimulate the sometimes hard-to-read G-Spot to take your orgasms to the next level.
The Double Entendre, $106, from Frenchie
Frenchie's The Double Entendre is flexible and bendable for simultaneous internal G-Spot and external clitoris play. With two powerful motors that have 4 speeds and 6 vibration modes, The Double Entendre's unique shape has a smaller head at one end for internal G-Spot pleasure and a larger profile at the other end for clitoral stimulation — giving you double the pleasure.
The Desire Luxury Curved G-Spot Vibrator is a heavenly creation crafted from soft silicone that offers sensuality and blissful sensations from its 8 vibration patterns and 12 intensity levels. The sleek contours of this vibrator have been designed with your body in mind. The bulbous, curved tip nestles into your G-Spot for intense targeted stimulation.
In collaboration with Agent Provocateur, The Cha-Cha-Cha G-Spot vibrator is a luxurious vibrator that targets the G-Spot with 10 vibration modes of blissful pleasure sessions.

Lubes and cleaners for your sex toys

Whether you're experimenting with a partner or trying a new sex position for the first time, lube is your best friend.
Secondly, when it comes to sex toy cleaners, keeping your toys (and yourself) clean is super important to prevent bacteria from developing in places you don't want.
Cleanies, $24.99, from Girls Get Off
The Cleanies hypoallergenic intimate wipes are safe for both toys and bodies. They are pH friendly, perfect for pre and post-lovin' clean up, and keeping your fave toys clean and fresh.
Juciee, $22.99, from Girls Get Off
Girls Get Off's Juciee is a water based lubricant that works well with toys and bodies, but it's the revolutionary packaging that makes it stand out from the crowd. As the one-handed applicator makes it easy to use without interrupting the pleasure.
Oh La La Love Lube, $32, from Frenchie
An increase in pleasure comes typically with decreased friction, and Frenchie's Oh La La Love Lube is here to do just that. The natural, water-based lubricant is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free and is formulated with aloe vera and other regenerative and protective Australian botanical ingredients to assist with moisture retention.
System Jo Cocktails Mojito, $24.99, from Peaches & Cream
The time is always right for a cocktail with this delicious flavour. Alcohol-free without compromising flavour, mix this flavoured lubricant into your routine for a tasteful adventure!
Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner, $16.95, from Lovehoney
Cleaning your sex toys is important to prevent bacteria, but it can quickly become a chore. The Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner is a great solution. Simply spray, wait a moment, then wipe the toy down, so you can enjoy your ecstasy in peace.