New survey reveals surprising Kiwi sex stats

A new global survey has shed some light on how Kiwis stack up in the bedroom

A global survey commissioned by Durex has highlighted just how much sex Kiwis are really having - and the facts may surprise you!
According to the research, almost 1 in 2 New Zealanders (45 per cent) have sex once a week or less*, and 58 per cent said they usually orgasm when they do.
What's more, even with the recent buzz over erotic novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and the movie version that was just released, it seems Kiwis aren't so adventurous in the bedroom.
The survey found just 58% of Kiwis would describe their love life as "exciting".
"Durex discovered that on any given day in the UK, people are twice as likely to read a book in bed as they were to have sex, and we are sure this is happening in New Zealand as well," Durex marketing manager Emma Smith says.
"It is for this very reason that we are appealing to Kiwis to embrace reality."
To that end, Durex have launched a new guide of tips and tricks called #50GamesToPlay, which aims to help couples ditch the fiction and put fun back into the real-life bedroom.
"We look for inspiration in everyday life, from videos and books but we don't always bring those adventures to life. This new video and the #50GamesToPlay Guide will hopefully give couples a healthy push in the right direction," Emma says.
*Durex Global Sexual Wellbeing Survey, 2011, Harris Interactive Inc.

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