30 cheap Valentine’s Day dates for every personality

Whether you’re homebodies, adventurists or culture vultures – we’ve got the Valentine’s date idea for you.

Valentine's day date ideas
We know, Valentine’s Day is all a big scam created by card companies to make money. But let’s face it, it’s a pretty good excuse to plan a date with your significant other, so let’s quit the moaning.
Thanks to the money people at Quid Corner, we’ve got 30 date ideas to share with you – that cover everyone from old romantics to quirky hipsters.
Happy Valentining!
For Foodies
  1. A brewery tour – many of these are free. Or if you want something for a wine lover – head to one of our many vineyards.
  2. Have a bake off with each other.
  3. Go fruit picking.
  4. Plant something in the garden.
  5. Head to a farmer’s market and feast on free samples.
Infographic created by Quid Corner
For Adventurists
  1. Explore a new neighbourhood. Never headed west of your city? Today is the day!
  2. Volunteer together. City Missions are always looking for extra hands.
  3. Go ghost hunting. Spookers, anyone?
  4. Track down a car boot sale.
  5. Organise a scavenger hunt.
Infographic created by Quid Corner
For Culture Vultures
  1. Head to a gig.
  2. Hold your own photoshoot.
  3. Have a night at the museum.
  4. Try a new hobby together.
  5. Go to open mic.
Infographic created by Quid Corner
For Homebodies
  1. Have a film marathon. Grab your old favourites, a blanket and you’re good to go.
  2. Play truth or dare.
  3. Have a video game showdown.
  4. Karaoke in the living room.
  5. Build a fort and sleep in it.
Infographic created by Quid Corner
For Old Romantics
  1. Share old photos and their stories.
  2. Write poetry to each other.
  3. Make a relationship time capsule – fill it with special items and memories.
  4. Go cloud-watching.
  5. Watch the sunset together with a picnic.
For the Quirky Type
  1. Test drive a car together. Live your fantasy to drive that Porsche.
  2. Fly kites.
  3. View fancy houses together.
  4. Make catapults.
  5. Play nonsense scrabble.
Infographic created by Quid Corner