The dogs of Hurricane Harvey

The flooding in Texas after Hurricane Harvey has devastated the region. Yet even in the midst of disaster the bond between people and their pets holds strong.

The catastrophic Hurricane Harvey has resulted in the deaths of at least nine people in the southern US state of Texas.
Widespread flooding has forced many thousands of Texans out of their homes at short notice. Amid the chaos of evacuation, people have been facing the heartbreaking question of what to leave behind.
As these photos show, family pets have been high on the list of what's dear to evacuees in Texas.
Residents have been seen helping their dogs to safety, huddling them under towels, pulling them on biscuits or helping them along on leashes.
The dogs belonging to residents are being evacuated with their owners, while shelter dogs are being taken to New Jersey where they can be cared for.
Below are some of the evacuee pets getting to safety with their families.