The story of the unfortunate snake called Toothless who had to get braces after a mealtime mishap

Stranger things have happened, we guess.

We'd like to introduce you to Toothless, an Australian green tree python who damaged her jaw while eating her dinner - and had to get braces.
According to a Facebook post by HerpVet, an Australian reptile department within a veterinary clinic, Toothless had been enjoying a meal when somehow, while swallowing, her left lower jaw bone folded and got stuck in her throat. Sounds painful.
The veterinarians delicately dislodged the jaw but it didn't go back into position properly. An x-ray revealed a small break.
What was a vet to do but give her braces (a moulded paper clip) to re-align the jaw bone.
The brace has since come off, but it did stay on long enough to allow Toothless time to heal.
We wonder if she rejoiced the same way teenagers do on the long-awaited day they finally get their braces off. It's a big moment.
Toothless was also given extra calcium to help with the healing process.
Happily, Toothless appears back to her old self again and a final x-ray is set to confirm this.
HerpVet revealed that Toothless had only recently laid her eggs and this had been her first meal since. The egg laying may have weakened her jaw, making it more susceptible to fracturing.
We're just glad she's okay and wish her all the best with new motherhood when her eggs hatch.