Six signs that you're obsessed with your cat

Okay, so do you admit it now?

Cat owners don't just love their kitties, they're obsessed with them - although we often wonder how the cats feel about that.
If there was ever any doubt, the information we're about to give you will certainly quash that.
In a survey commissioned by Mars Petcare U.S. Inc. (a corporation that owns several pet-food brands and some veterinary chains), 1000 cat owners were asked to reveal all the adorable ways they bond with their felines. The results exposed a dedication that goes above and beyond the norm. How many of these things would you confess to?

You have a framed photo of your kitty

Almost half of survey participants — a whopping 44 per cent — admitted to having a framed photo of their kitty (they're basically like your kids, aren't they?).

Your home decor is pretty much cat-themed

This cat cushion can be found on Amazon, because you probably want one.
The average cat owner has 13 cat-related items in his or her home, including cat stuffed animals (43 per cent) and calendars (38 per cent).

You're forever photographing your moggie

Cat owners take full advantage of their smartphone cameras to capture their beloved furball in as many cute poses as possible: 47 per cent of cat mums and dads photograph their fur babies, with three being the average number of attempts needed to get the "purr-fect" shot.

You talk more to your cat than you do your mother

We're not kidding. On average, cat owners spend three-and-a-half hours each week talking to their kitties. When was the last time you called your mum?

You've turned into a cuddle monster

Cat owners report spending nine hours a week cuddling their cats - that's right, nine hours! Around 93 per cent of respondents said they felt a strong connection with their pet, and 60 per cent said their cat helped them cope when they were lonely. Meanwhile, 81 per cent of cat owners said they cared deeply about their feline's happiness.

You're not embarrassed to be known as a crazy cat lady

In fact, you bear that title with pride! We just wonder if your moggy is as obsessed with you...
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