How to make sure your dog is getting the nutrition he or she needs

Our fur babies thrive on a healthy, well-balanced diet.

By Perfect dog food and Now To Love
We'd all agree our four-legged fur babies are more than 'just pets' to us.
We love them like they're our children and dote over them every day: dropping them off at doggy daycare so they won't fret for us while we're at work, leaving presents under the tree for them at Christmas time, and some of us even splashing out on special furniture for them (although they still prefer to sleep on ours).
We bathe them, groom them, walk them and happily take them to behaviour classes so they can be their very best selves.
We include them on fun family outings and even take them on holiday with us.
They're our best friends and we adore them.
And so just as we seek out the best nutrition for ourselves and our human babies - opting for natural, organic foods using locally sourced ingredients whenever we can - we also want only the best for our fur babies.
And now there's a new range of dog food that offers just that.
PERFECT grain free dog sausage is a grain free dog food made from a single source animal protein so you know exactly which meat your dog is eating, and it contains no added colours, flavours or sugar.
It's a nutrient-dense dog food, made with 91 per cent fresh meat so has a rich level of fresh, animal sourced protein, and contains vegetables, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats for a complete and balanced diet, perfect for all life stages and dog sizes.
Its beef source is grass-fed and its chicken source, cage-free, and best of all, it's made right here in New Zealand using locally sourced, fresh ingredients.
While we all know that dogs are not usually fussy eaters, it's always encouraging to see them get excited at meal times. Chunked, cubed or diced, this grain free dog sausage is a quick, easy way to add variety and nutrients to your dog's meal.
They just know their food tastes yum, but we can rest reassured that we're giving our furry bundles the best nutrition we possibly can so that they can enjoy a healthy, happy life.