The online pet product delivery service that just made your life easier

Giving you more time for cuddles with your fur babies!

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The pace of life has never been more hectic and more of us are turning to online shopping and delivery services to save time than ever before.
Why spend your precious downtime in the aisles of a supermarket when you can order your food for the week online and have it delivered to your door?
Why traipse all over town looking for a dress for that family friend's wedding when you can compare styles and prices from the comfort of your lounge?
Similarly, do you really have to spend your Saturday morning driving to your pet store to stock up on food, treats or flea treatments for your pet?
If you could cut that errand out of your precious weekend you'd have more time to take your pooch for a walk or spend an extra hour in bed cuddling your cat.
The good news is that, New Zealand's largest online pet retailer, allows you to do just that. The online store stocks a wide range of pet products (from a number of top brands) from food to treats to flea treatments, at affordable prices, and delivers them straight to your door.
What's even handier is that when you order you can set up auto shipping so that your pet food is delivered to you regularly without you having to remember to return to the website each week/fortnight/month to order more.
It's a win-win because your pet stays happy and well-fed and you get more time to do the things you enjoy with your fur baby!
AutoShip also makes it easier to keep track of when you next need to de-flea or worm your pet.
How many times have you de-flea-ed your pet but then forgotten when you last did it, and left it too late to go out and buy more? In the meantime the fleas have returned and you've got an infestation on your hands.
With auto shipping you can set up when your next treatments needs to be delivered while you're ordering your current one, allowing you to set and forget.
You can save money too. AutoShip offers up to 15 per cent off's regular pricing.
Shipping anywhere in New Zealand (even rural) is free on orders over $39 - and you can cancel or change your order at any time.
With our pets as much a part of the family as our human members, we only want what's best for them, and this sort of delivery service makes looking after them easier - giving us more time to shower them with love.
Happy customers have shared:
"An honest company! I messed up my order after having a really bad week and I was allowed to return what I didn't need and got a full refund. Along with fast delivery and good discounts, these guys are def a company I will be sticking with and recommending." - Jo McKee
"Have been using pet co nz for a few years now ordering food for my dog. Good price and selection comparing to stores around when you buy a big bag of food. I am also impressed with the delivery service. Just placed my order last night after 5pm which got shipped in two hours and I received it at 7am this morning already!" - Liubov Zabudskaia
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