What women really need to think about when it comes to money, budgeting and saving

New Zealand Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell shares her no-nonsense money advice for Kiwi women.

When it comes to Kiwi women's relationship with money and saving, Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell has some good and bad news.
While many of us are good at sticking to the weekly budget and making ends meet, she says we let ourselves down when we don't think about our long-term money goals and security.
Maxwell says the commission is encouraging women to make time for themselves to focus on finances. This month they will launch a social media campaign that urges women to take an hour out on July 30 to plan for their financial future. Diane will issue a letter online for women to print out and present to their family that will have instructions not to bother them during that time.
The women will then be able to fill in an online quiz about their current situation, which will point them in the direction of more information and tools to help them get their future sorted. The Commission will also have a team of experts standing by – live online – to answer any questions they may have.
In the meantime, watch some helpful, no-nonsense tips and ideas from Maxwell in the video above.

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