Kevin Milne: The big grill

Everyone loves a BBQ, but it’s not always the cheap option.

By Kevin Milne
We are hoping to buy a new barbecue for the holidays and are wondering how much to pay.
There’s quite a variety, but many are out of our price range. Is there anything in particular we should be looking for?
I’ve also been checking these out, and while the range of products is phenomenal, the creeping level of culinary skill required is also unnerving.
Wasn’t the barbecue meant to be the casual alternative to a proper meal inside? Something that the old man could handle?
Now it seems some BBQs are not only more expensive than indoor ovens, but have a greater level of sophistication. Frankly, I reckon us blokes have been sucked in. After all, the more that’s spent on a BBQ, the more it needs to be used. And the more it’s used, the more often we men are out there, slaving over a hot grill. “What’s wrong with that?”
I can hear most readers say – but I’m straying off the point.
To answer your question, $800 is easily enough for a new one – unless cooking is your hobby. I’m looking at spending $500. As for what to look for, I heartily recommend Consumer Online. Their experts have completed three surveys in about as many years, and offer detailed recommendations for every price bracket. Besides, I’m due on the deck to start making the dinner!

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