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The Block NZ winners Amy Moore and Stu Watts' Caravan Christmas escape

Spending their Christmas holiday in a caravan named Roberta? They couldn't get further away from The Block if they tried.

By Ellen Mackenzie
After a relaxing meal with their family in Gisborne, The Block New Zealand winners Amy and Stu head off for their favourite part of Christmas – camping at picturesque Pouawa Beach.
"It's a classic New Zealand holiday," says Amy, 39, as she takes Woman's Day on a tour of their restored 1970s caravan, which she and Stu, 46, have nicknamed Roberta.
"Camping was something Stu had always done and when we got together, I thought I wouldn't like it at all, but I did! It was just such an escape."
The reno reality stars have a laid-back appproach to the festive season.
They stay at the caravan on and off for the whole of January, but luckily, home is only a 15-minute drive away from the campsite if they need to pop back.
"Camping as an adult is just as fun as when you're a kid because it's an excuse for complete relaxation," Amy explains.
"I can mow through three or four books – I just can't do that at home because I have washing that needs hanging out and there are jobs that need doing. We switch off from life and our phones, which is something people don't do enough of."

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