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The $60 item that could add thousands to your house value

If you're thinking of selling your home, this could be just the tip you need.

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There's plenty of advice out there for upcycling your home pre-sell.
But while some clever decor tricks, a lick of paint and a good clean can go a long way, the answer to getting more for your pad is apparently extremely simple.
According to the property section of The Telegraph, buyers in the UK pay up to 40 per cent more for homes that have a name rather than just a number.
A name plaque for the house, that retail from around $60 here in New Zealand, added thousands to the amount buyers were willing to pay for their new home. research found buyers will spend between $10 and $100K (NZ) more on homes that include regal words such as 'Royal,' "Palace' or 'Lord.'
Naming your house could get you more for the property
Meanwhile Wetherell, who sell some of the most upmarket properties in London's Mayfair, found that addresses that included 'Crescent' and 'Mews' boosted prices by 40 per cent.
Other research has confirmed that homes with 'lane' in the address can sell for over $100K more than those with 'street.'
Cottages, house or hall also make the property more desirable, but being number 13 works against you, with this number selling over $10K less than other numbers.
And while this research was conducted over in the UK, who's to say this doesn't apply to Kiwi homes too. Might be time to purchase that name plate.
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