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Top tips on how to get great street appeal for your home

What is it and why should you care?

You hear the phrase street appeal a lot when you're buying and selling houses. It's really all about first impressions, and how a home looks to potential buyers when they first lay eyes on it.
A couple of coats of Resene paint can work wonders. What they see might influence their views on how light or dark the property is, whether it could be damp, if it's going to need a lot of work to renovate or maintain it - and, of course, how much they want to pay for it.
But street appeal isn't just about buying and selling. Having a property that looks beautiful and well-maintained from the kerbside will give you a lift every time you come home, it can open up new areas of use for your property, it's much more welcoming when you have visitors, and it can become a talking point that builds connection with your neighbourhood.
But what makes for great street appeal?
Get the basics right
Mowing the lawns, trimming the hedges, painting the fences, keeping paths and pavers free of moss and mould, keeping the garden weeded and keeping exterior paintwork clean and free of flakes and chips. Those are the basics that make your home look smart and presentable to the world.
It seems like a lot, but an effort to do small jobs regularly should mean you can avoid having to do a huge push to tidy things up for a special event, or if you decide to sell.
You can also consider maintenance when you're planning the front exterior and garden of your property. Things like proper preparation on painted surfaces can ensure they continue to look great for years after they've painted. Resene Lumbersider is ideal for painting home exteriors and protecting the substrate from the elements. If opting for a dark colour choose a Resene CoolColour to reflect the heat and for added protection.
If gardening or lawn mowing is not your thing, look to avoid large areas of grass and opt for larger gardens planted with trees and shrubs rather than flowers and annuals that will need more work.
Front door in Resene Hyperactive against Resene Merino.
Stand out from the crowd
Nothing catches the eye quite like splashes of colour in a sea of green lawns and neutral houses.
It could be pots or raised beds filled with flowers, or it could be an on-trend bold coloured front door, mailbox or even brightly coloured table and chairs tucked into an intimate corner of the garden or porch.
Think about how a splash of colour against a monochrome or neutral interior, really adds a dramatic lift to the room. The same is true outside, particularly in winter when you may have less colour in your garden. You may not want to paint your whole house bright orange or turquoise, but a hint of a bench seat or gate in Resene Kamikaze or Resene Hemisphere nestled among the greenery of your garden or against a classic neutral colour scheme on your house may be just the touch of colour you need.
You can also be a bit creative when it comes to wood stained areas of your front yard, whether it's a deck, porch, fence or gate. Try using different coloured stains in different areas for a sophisticated finish. Try dark Resene Waterborne Woodsman Pitch Black or Resene Waterborne Woodsman Crowshead stain on fences to help them recede into the background while still giving your section, and any bright pots and plants a modern, sophisticated backdrop.
Team that with more natural tones such as Resene Woodsman Natural on decking or porchways, as the wood tones will look smart and elegant against darker fencing, greenery and neutral house colours.
A bold front door will complete the look. Front doors in an eye-catching shade are increasingly common, as they're a very simple way to elevate the street appeal of your house, while keeping most of it to a classic colour scheme. They can be particularly effective if you don't have a large front yard. Choose Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss or Resene Enamacryl gloss for front door and tint it with a bold colour. Some colours to try, depending on the exterior colour of your house are:
Resene Bullseye cherry red against the warm beige of Resene Yuma or creamy Resene Double Spanish White.
Resene Bilbao green with dark Resene Midnight Moss and Resene Parchment.
Resene Retro deep teal against the grassy beige of Resene Double Bison Hide
Patio painted in grey tones to create a cohesive look. Featuring Resene Quarter Friar Grey, Resene Tripe Friar Grey, Resene Gunsmoke, Resene Zeus and Resene Delta.
A pretty, perky porch
Beyond painting your front door a bold colour, you can add street appeal by simply sprucing up your porch.
If you have space to play with, treat it like an extra room in your house, adding a bench seat or even a small table and chairs, or treat it as an extension of your garden with potted shrubs and flowers.
If you have only a tiny porch, make sure it's perfectly painted and stained in colours that pull that rest of your exterior colour scheme together, and draw people toward the front door. If you need your front porch to be functional with spaces for dirty boots and umbrellas, consider upcycling a cupboard or a shoe rack, painted or stained in a Resene shade to suit your palette so everything has a place and your porch isn't cluttered.
It's also a good idea to make sure there is a clear path to the front door from the street side, and that it's well-lit at night.
Don't have a street front or a front yard?
Street appeal is all very well if you have a street front property. But if you're down a long driveway or in a row of attached townhouses without a front yard, remember it's really about first impressions.
Focus your decor skills on the front door and porch, add plants and work to keep things tidy and maintained.
Create a sense of arrival at your front door, with a large plant in a painted pot, outdoor fairy lights or even an artwork.
Weatherboards painted in Resene Half Periglacial Blue, accented with a Resene Blue Night door and Resene Alabaster trims.
For help getting started with your decorating project, ask a Resene expert at your local Resene ColorShop or on the Resene website with the free Resene Ask a Colour Expert service, View hundreds of decorating ideas from other homeowners online,