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Real life 'ice house' created due to freezing temperatures

A photographer in New York has captured the lake house, that became encase in ice due to extreme weather.

All images John Kucko
A photographer based in New York state has captured a real life 'ice house' after extreme weather swept the region.
John Kucko, who is a veteran anchor and photographer based in Rochester, NY, snapped the incredible home on Lake Ontario, one of the big lakes of the United States.
As he explains on his Twitter page, a week of icy temperatures, snow and wind, left the lake front house like something out of The Chronicles of Narnia.
Despite many doubting whether the ice house was indeed the real deal, especially due to the fact that others next door looked unaffected, John took to his Twitter page to explain that the home "has no retaining wall on Lake Ontario (just rocks)."
As a result, the home has been completely battered by the bad weather.
Sharing fantasy-style images of the ice encrusted home, John warned that "bad will soon get worse on Lake Ontario," with centimeters of snow expected over the coming days.