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Party cups

At party time, these pastel designs are a cup above.

By Louise Richardson
You host a few celebrations and, before long, stacks of assorted cups will have materialised. Do yourself a favour and revamp them from motley to matching using your favourite prints, an easy-to-make template and pretty trimming. Fill with treats for your next get-together!
MATERIALS: Party cup
Coloured construction paper
Plain white copy paper
Pretty paper
Ribbon or trimming
Glue stick
Craft glue
1 Start by creating a template; carefully take apart one paper cup and discard the bottom. Flatten the cup and trace along the outside over coloured construction paper to create a template.
2 Use your template to cut 2 sheets per cup; first a layer of white copy paper to conceal the original design and a top layer from pretty paper.
3 Wrap the cut white piece over the cup and fix in place, dabbing with the glue stick. Tip the cup upside down and pat the paper down to get it as close to the lip as possible.
4 Apply the glue stick to the back of the piece cut from pretty paper and fix to the cup in the same way. Trim any excess paper at the bottom or cut small slits on any overhang and push to fit under the cup. Secure using craft glue.
5 Cut a length of ribbon or trimming to decorate around the top of the cup and secure in place with a thin line of craft glue. Hold this in place with a clip until dry. Finally, fill the decorated cup with treats!
6 Make matching forks by wrapping the base of the handle with a strip of the same paper used to cover the cups.
Extracted from Tinkered Treasures by Elyse Major (Cico Books, 34.99), from bookreps.co.nz
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