Mini: Me & You

Get dolled up for a fun night in – these cute craft projects are a quirky gift idea that’s sure to please

Recently I’ve noticed lots of these gorgeous rag dolls for sale in gift and interior shops – but they become a whole lot more fun when you make one yourself, modelling it on family and friends.


• Fabric scissors

• 20 x 30cm eshcoloured cotton for face and arms

• A4 sheet of felt for the hair

• 20 x 40cm of patterned fabric for the body

• 30cm square patterned fabric for the legs

• A4 sheet of felt for boots and collar

• Black, white, blue, green, brown, red and pale pink fabric pens

• Matching thread and needle

• Bag of soft toy stuffing

• Ribbons, buttons and trims.

1 Using the templates, cut from the fresh fabric one head and four arms. Cut from the hair felt one back of the head and front hair section. Cut from the body fabric

two body shapes. Cut from the leg fabric four legs. Cut from the remaining felt two collars and four shoe pieces.

2 Frame the front hair over the flesh-coloured head. Before you start stitching, use the pens to draw facial features onto the fresh cotton, this way you can easily replace the piece if you are unhappy with the drawing. You can use red for lips, black for eyelashes and nose, brown for eyebrows and white and blue for the eyes. Dab on pink for the cheeks.

3 Frame the front hair piece around the face and stitch in place, top-stitching 5mm in from the edge of the hairline.

4 Stitch the collars to the body pieces. Fold under 5mm along the bottom edge of each body and press. Stitch the neck of the face piece and the back of the head to the

correct body pieces, with the overlap on the wrong side.

5 To make up the legs, tack a shoe to the foot of each leg. Right sides facing, pair the legs. Stitch 5mm in from the edge, leaving the tops open. Turn right side out. Fill with stuffing, packing evenly using the round-ended handle of a wooden spoon.

6 Repeat this method with the arms. Position the arms, facing downwards, at the top of the back body piece and tack in place.

7 Place the head and body pieces together with right sides facing. Stitch around the outside edge, incorporating the upper arms and leaving the hem of the dress open.

Turn right side out, then stuff.

8 Position the legs in between the layers at the dress hem. Topstitch closed, close to the hem.

Adapted with kind permission from Girls night In – Craft, Cakes and cocktails for the Ultimate Party, by Hannah Read-Baldrey (Quadrille, $39.99). Available from

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