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How to: Make a DIY bird feeder

Green goddess Wendyl Nissen shares her tips for attracting birds to your garden.

The bird life up North has been waning a little lately, so I’m rolling out my bird-feeding recipes to encourage them back to our property.
I’m especially keen to break out my Tui Sugar Water recipe as I spotted a massive, majestic guy picking at our flax the other day and would love for him to stick around!
Tui Sugar Water
This is so simple.
Mix 1 cup sugar with 1L water. Place in a red container on a bird table or hanging from a tree, then wait for the tuis.
Wax-eye Cake
Melt 1 cup fat (lard or dripping is best). To that, add 2 cups rolled oats, 2 cups bran, 1 cup sugar and 5 cups water.
Pour into a roasting dish and place in the freezer. As it freezes, cut it into pieces (it’s impossible to cut when completely frozen).
Put pieces into an onion bag and hang it in a tree where you can see it.
Seed Cake
Simply melt some lard or dripping and pour into it some wild bird seed, which you can buy at your local supermarket or a pet shop.
Follow the directions for the Wax-eye Cake above for pouring and cutting.
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